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Infinity Board

The Infinity Board helps you learn to juggle a cascade. It has two balls on a track. You practice with the board and train your skills. The board is for everyone and fun to use. It also lets you try other patterns. Order yours and start juggling!

From £150.00


The Infinity Board is a tool to aid in learning to Juggle.  It works exceptionally well for everybody.

This product allows people to fully emulate and benefit from the developmental capacities of juggling a cascade.

The Infinity board whilst initially developed to aid in teaching people with access requirements, has proven to be a beneficial first step in learning to juggle for every human we have tested on.

The product features a “catch” position, where the balls will rest, and guidance for placing and rolling the ball to emulate the “throw” position.

You can also be creative, and combine the straight paths of our JuggleBoard with the cascade pattern of the Infinity board.  Other juggling patterns such as the fountain, five-ball cascade, or mill mess can be achieved with enough practice.

The Infinity Board comes with ladders which increase the degree of incline by one degree for each step, this can be used to obtain quantitative data for strength increase in rehabilitation.  Alongside this, it can be used to aid people in understanding the differences in speed as balls begin to fall, after the throw.

The Infinity Board is made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles, and our printers run on sustainable energy.  Our packaging is all recycled, we have used metal nuts and bolts to connect the pieces that are readily and cheaply available from most hardware suppliers replacement should any be lost.

Included in the package is 1x infinity board plus ladders, 1x hex key, 24 nuts and bolts (with a few extras), and three 80mm play stage balls (upgradeable to glitter balls – just send us an email before purchasing).

With all that out of the way, my personal feelings and experience with using the infinity board are just, WOW!  We taught a person to qualify who had never attempted to juggle in seven minutes (including taking a two-minute break!).  We have been using this in our disability workshops and have seen measurably fast results in achieving set patterns that without this tool, would not have been achievable.  And lastly, toddlers are fixated on it.

If you would rather print your own, contact us, and we can provide you with the files, if you want to 3d print and sell our design, get in touch and let’s talk.


Parts match so 1A goes to 1A, 2A to 2A and so on.

You can start building your infinity board from anywhere you like, but we suggest building all the arms separately so you can twist them together instead of needing the Allen key for each joint, then finally coming together in the middle to complete the board

Any parts that break can be returned to us for further recycling, we shred the board and melt it down into panels for geodesic domes to donate to refugee camps as lightweight portable shelters.

You can clean your juggleboard in any fashion you like, even in a dishwasher at low temperatures, remove nuts and bolts first.

Curve Section - Juggle Board

Curve Section - Juggle Board

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