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About Stiklings

What is Stiklings?

We are a non-profit organisation that brings circus education and performances to people around the world. We started as a group of volunteers who met in Greece while working with refugees. We share a passion for circus and social impact.

We travel with our circus toys, massive lorry and tent to different places and provide workshops, events, experience days, after-school clubs, and accessible equipment. We also make and sell our own props and tools, such as Diddlesticks, Juggling boards, and 3D printed items. All the profits from our products go to funding our social circus projects. We love to create smiles and connections through circus.

What we do as an Organisation

We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable people, especially children and young people, who face challenges such as poverty, conflict, trauma, disability, or marginalisation. We believe that circus can help them overcome these challenges by providing them with education, physical art, and social development.

Through circus, they can learn life skills such as discipline, creativity, teamwork, trust, and positive risk-taking. They can also express their emotions, share their stories, and connect with others across social boundaries. We aim to create a more inclusive, diverse, and joyful society through circus.

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Get involvedor ask us some questionsIf you'd like to speak to us about a project you're working on, have a question about our props or tools or just want to pick our brains, we've made it easy to get in touch.
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