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Our Focus

The power of a Stikling

We aim to create more smiles for everyone, especially for those who have additional needs or face challenges in their lives.

We demonstrates how circus can be a powerful tool for social change, empowerment and joy.

Everyone and anyone can be a Stikling, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds.


We worked with Performers Without Borders, a charity that provides circus education to marginalised groups around the world, to volunteer in India, Calais and Samos.

There, we taught circus skills to refugee youth and other vulnerable children, helping them to express themselves, have fun and cope with their difficult situations. We saw how circus can be a powerful tool for social change and empowerment.

Our Impact Includes:

  • Delivering five free full days of circus in Springfield park for the local community of Kidderminster, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, addressing loneliness within communities post-Covid.
  • Working with Sight Matters [charity Manx Blind Welfare Society] on the Isle of Man to deliver a week of circus and fire which culminated in a show.
  • Volunteering with Performers Without Borders in India, Calais and Samos, working with refugee youth and other marginalised groups.
  • Winning best UK circus event of the year award 2019 when running events for Yardarts in Bristol2.
  • Providing a service where you can use their resources and non-profit status to help create projects in your area.
The Future is Bright and Wonderful! What we're doing in the next 10 years.
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Share our unique and accessible circus products with more people around the world by creating more online resources, offering incentives for referrals, and showcasing customer feedback.

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Launch new social circus projects that will bring joy and connection to people who face challenges in their lives by seeking support from various sources, such as grants, sponsors and donors.

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Collaborate with new partners who share our vision of using circus as a tool for social change, empowerment and joy, such as charities, schools, community centres, and local authorities.

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Create a new circus show that showcases our skills, values and impac by working together with our team members, participants and partners.

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Expand our impact and influence by reaching more people who can benefit from our work by participating in more events, festivals and media platforms where we can showcase our stories, testimonials and achievements.

Get involvedor ask us some questionsIf you'd like to speak to us about a project you're working on, have a question about our props or tools or just want to pick our brains, we've made it easy to get in touch.
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