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Hey, we’re Stiklings.

Welcome to our new website! It’s still being built so please forgive us if things don’t go quite right! In fact if you come across any issues please let us know; stiklings@gmail.com

Stiklings is a non-profit CIC that lifts spirits, engages minds and utilises social circus to empower communities around the world.

Please be aware we are currently not fulfilling 3D printed orders. Email us with any enquiries.


What is Stiklings?

We are Stiklings, a leading non-profit organisation that empowers people around the world through circus education and performances. We were founded by four passionate circus trainers who met while volunteering with refugees in Greece.

We also create and sell accessible circus equipment that supports our social circus projects and helps people discover the joy of circus. We stand for inclusion, diversity, respect and connectivity.

Get involvedor ask us some questionsIf you'd like to speak to us about a project you're working on, have a question about our props or tools or just want to pick our brains, we've made it easy to get in touch.
Prefer to leave us a message?

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