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Curve Section - Juggle Board

An adaption for the current Juggle Boards (not the infinity Board) enabling a 90 degree turn.  Four together will make a complete circle track.  Incorporate with two long section and a base section of your Juggle Board to learn juggling patterns such as 'The Box' The matierials used (PETG) are made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles, and our printers run on sustainable energy.

From £15.00


If you want to add variety and challenge to your Juggle Board experience, you might want to try the Juggle Board Turners. These are specially designed accessories that fit onto your existing Juggle Board (not the infinity Board) and allow you to change the direction of your board by 90 degrees. You can use four turners to make a complete circle track or combine them with two long sections and a base section of your Juggle Board to create different shapes and patterns.

For example, you can learn how to juggle ‘The Box’, a classic juggling pattern that involves throwing balls in a square formation. The Juggle Board Turners are not only fun and versatile but also eco-friendly. They are made from PETG, a material that is 99.5% recycled from plastic water bottles, and they are printed using sustainable energy sources. The Juggle Board Turners are easy to install and remove and come in various colours to match your Juggle Board. With the Juggle Board Turners, you can take your juggling skills to the next level and have a blast.

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