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80mm Play Balls

Juggling just got stage-ready! Get the Play Stage Ball for a flexible, gentle-on-hands experience. Mix and match colours on your 3D-printed Juggle Board for a fun, personalized setup. Just add six balls and let the show begin!

From £8.99


The price is for one ball

Our 3D Printed Juggle Boards are specifically designed to work with the incredible 80mm Play Stage Balls. You will need 6 of them total to properly utilise a Juggle Board. Mix and match with your colours or have them all the same!

Recommended colourblind option: Blue, White, Pink (on a blue juggle board) 

Weight: 150g

The medium size stage ball from Play, Italy. This stage ball is a good size for the more advanced juggler, particularly if they are doing performances. 80mm is a good balance between ease of use/manipulation and visibility. The Play Stage Ball is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball a slight grip and a lovely feel. It’s also not too harsh on the hands when catching which can be a feature of other brands of stage balls. The 80mm stage ball is also suitable for some contact juggling/body rolling tricks but might be considered by some to be a little on the light side. Each ball has a very subtle seam.

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