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Tiny Tightwire Trainer (Medium)

The Tightwire Trainer (L) Tiny Tightwire Trainer (M) and the Teeny Tiny Tightwire Trainer (S) are balance trainers that emulate using a Tightwire. They come in three sizes and can be joined with Rises and Fall sections to form straight or add curved pieces to make interesting challenge paths. They are cheaper, lighter, and easier to set up than a normal Tightwire, and kids love them!

BC : Base Colour - TC : Top Colour

From £30.00


The Tightwire Trainers are your first steps into equilibristics training. Emulating but not replacing a tightwire.

Each section is 20cm long, 15 pieces is similar to a traditional Tightwire length, but why keep things old school?!!

Our Tightwire Trainers can be assembled and disassembled by the participants in your classes in a short amount of time, saving lots of time for extra learning. The smallest pieces are suitable for people of any age, and if youre scared of heights, no problem, your feet barely leave the floor.

All sections address the same developmental capacities, the medium and tall sections add an extra level of achievement and goal for eager participants. The curved sections provide a greater surface area for the foot, meaning early balance achievements are even easier to meet. 12 Curved sections of each size make a complete circle, i.e. 12 tall pieces makes a lovely tall circular tight wire. Each piece is sold separately, and follows an interlocking circuit of male to female connections.

So a turn left, will only turn left etc. Each item has non-slip feet inserted. These items are sold for intended use on a flat solid surface.

Aside from the non-slip feet, these products are made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles, and printed with sustainable energy.

When you consider that the tall sections are almost 1kg in weight, thats a lot of good vibes!


The price is for one section, please choose your colours and how many pieces you’d like.

This product is made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles and printed via sustainable energy, please note that the TPU slip pads are not recycled, however theyre cheap and easy to replace.

Stiklings C.I.C. take no responsibility for any harm caused in use with or related to this product.  Use at your own risk.

Teenie Tiny Tightwire Trainer (small)

Teenie Tiny Tightwire Trainer (small)

Tightwire walking without a tumble
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