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The Original DiddleStick

A Diddlestick is a toy that lets you fiddle and twiddle with style. It has a Carbon fiber Core and Soft Silicone Flowers

It is addicitive, relaxing, and meditative.


The dynamic fiddle-stick. AKA the Diddlestick! It’s small, safe, lightweight, and durable.

What’s it for? I mean honestly, there are no rules in the world of Diddlesticking! It’s great just to hold and play with or you can advance towards some pretty challenging tricks both of which we find very meditative.

They are great for keeping busy minds quiet, helping concentration and brain processing and keeping fiddly fidgety hands busy!

We find Diddlesticks highly addictive and take them with us everywhere!

Keeping your Diddles Clean

100% Handwash-able, Take off the O rings and detach your flowers, handwash wash the silicone and rod in hot, soapy water. Dry with a towel.

Once dry, you can reassemble the Diddlestick – We have an instructional video on this if you get stuck! www.stiklings/diddlesticks

The Diddleseed

The Diddleseed

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